We can help you build winning relationships in Latin America.

We have lived, worked and traveled in 14 countries in Latin America and Spain. We have served presidents, major global companies, technology enterprises and the military. We have worked from the Rio Grande valley to Tierra del Fuego, near Antarctica. From the jungles of Panama to the fjords and glaciers of Chile.


Workshops and Seminars:

• How to do Business in Latin America
• Working with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico…
• Latino Culture 101
• The Soul of Latin America, the Role of Faith, Spirituality and Religion
• North vs. South, a study in key-impact contrasts
• How to Work with (US) Americanos, Como Trabajar con Norteamericanos
• American Culture 101, La Cultura Norteamericana

Full and half day training sessions for all of the above
Keynote speeches and presentations for same.

“Intelligence is always timely, relevant and actionable.”